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Riverfront Work from Home,
or Just a Short Ride from Music City 

The Braxton is an Ideal Condo Community for Working from Home

At The Braxton on the Cumberland River, all residents receive high-speed internet connectivity to the world, and many are here to enjoy working from home with a healthy work-life balance of nature, recreation, luxurious living and close proximity to Nashville for excitement, fine dining and world-class entertainment.

Luxurious Living Plus Professional Spaces & Service for Meetings

A "home office" at The Braxton is the popular choice among many of our neighbors. 

The Braxton can also provide great business meeting retreats for off-site team meetings, presentations , education and  training sessions , and milestone celebrations.


Escape the regular workday grind and be welcomed by our hospitality staff, meet and work in our professional spaces, and  enjoy a relaxing breath of fresh air and refreshments in a unique setting that many call "Heaven on Earth". 

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